The 2018 inaugural Pambula to Merimbula is a 5km walk, jog or run to raise funds for the Sapphire Coast arts and sports youth development fund.

This event is a great morning out for both families and serious runners alike. Whether you want to walk to support a great cause or challenge yourself to beat that 5k PB in our timed event, make sure you mark this event in your calendar and come down to enjoy the beauty that the sapphire coast has to offer.

Please follow our facebook page for up to date announcements regarding the event

The Sapphire Coast Arts and Sports Youth Development Fund

All funds raised will go towards the Sapphire Coast Arts and Sports Youth Development Fund (The FUND).

The FUND has been set up to foster the advancement and participation of young, developing and talented individuals 18 years of age or under requiring assistance in furthering their ambitions in the fields of the arts and sports.

The fund has been specifically created for residents of the sapphire coast whose personal circumstances, due to geographic or financial constraints, prevent them from reaching their full potential in their chosen activities.


A Letter From the Organisers


2 years ago my family made the hard decision to move my 93 year old mother to Imlay house. My mum Joan had been a long time resident of Port Macquarie but eventually settled in Pambula just up the road from Merimbula – my home and favourite place on earth. Having no car and a mother falling ill within walking distance meant I got to know the bike path between Pambula and Merimbula extremely well. I would often have my friends or my husband, Andy drive me up to visit Mum, spend hours talking to her before walking the 5km back to Merimbula bridge and home.

The walk begun as a method of transportation but soon turned into a personal challenge of how fast I could walk home and how many steps I could take in a day. Having struggled with my weight for some time and dealing with a sore ankle from a car accident in my youth the walking did me wonders. I felt fitter and stronger than ever and really looked forward to my walks from Pambula to Merimbula… Then it all changed.


In December last year my mother passed away after declining rapidly in Imlay house. It was a tough time for me but I took comfort in knowing my mum was in a better place. I also took comfort from my walking but was left yearning for more. I continued to walk the bike path but never being able to walk the 10km up and back, I have never been back all the way down the path I had walked so many times. It has since become my goal to increase my fitness to become happier and healthier with the goal of being able to run the 5k from Pambula to Merimbula.

7 months ago I never imagined this would be possible but with the help of my son James and the team at JT Multisport my confidence is growing each day. I invite everyone to join me on December 9th 2018 to run, jog or walk the JT Multisport Pambula to Merimbula 5k to raise funds for the Sapphire Coast Arts and Sports Youth Development Fund in honour of my mum Joan and all the residents at Imlay house who have come to the Sapphire Coast and found eternal happiness.


- Jenny x